Lead designer

Archipelago · January 2019–November 2022

Designed products, processes, & features for a new data-centric application for commercial real estate insurance.

See more details about my work on the customer-facing applicationthe internal data tooling.

Founded the design team! Led or advised almost all major projects for the first 4 years of the company.

Product designer & developer

Kidfund · January 2017–January 2019

Designed & developed new product features in collaboration with founders.

Started with product vision and insights obtained from conducting user interviews. Defined new & updated features, then designed UX through visuals & wrote copy. Quickly validated designs with users. Finished by implementing changes to the iOS app & shipping to the App Store.

Designer & marketer

Realm · July 2015–January 2017

Designed & built website, including marketing pages & developer documentation. Wrote website copy. Directed branding.

Advised strategy for developer-focused content marketing. Edited blog posts for tone & technical correctness.

iOS developer

Motiv · May 2014–February 2015

Developed iOS apps & device SDK for wearable device.


Fino Consulting · August 2013–May 2014

Designed iPad apps for teachers & energy salespersons.


Master of human-computer interaction

Carnegie Mellon University · August 2013

Bachelors in electrical engineering

Mississippi State University · May 2012

Minors in Spanish & mathematics, plus certificate in cognitive science

Also available as a PDF. Or you can read this on LinkedIn, if you're into that sort of thing.