Save for your kids, with help from your friends

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With Kidfund (now part of UNest), anyone could help parents save for their kids' futures, by giving the most flexible (and least space-intensive) gift of all: money.

Project brief: Own the iOS app, with input from the co-founders. Build features & changes to grow users & usage.

My role: I managed the entire product lifecycle. This might start with foundational user research I conducted, or a feature the co-founders wanted to introduce. I designed the experiences & UIs in the app, validated with users, then implemented & deployed the changes. Some key projects that I built:

  • Iterating several times on the onboarding flow, to improve retention
  • A complete home screen redesign
  • Easier integration with social networks for greater reach
  • Allowing gifts to be pledged to kids who didn't have accounts yet

Outcome: I boosted our onboarding completion by ~10% through research & iterative design. The app grew to over 30,000 users & was ultimately acquired.